Amy Cast for Northshore

Amy's Goals for the Next Four Years

Working Together to Strengthen Northshore

Northshore is at a pivotal point, and Amy is seeking your support to continue her work supporting our students, schools, educators and community. Her specific goals for the next four years include:

The Cast Family

Preparing our Students for the 21st Century

The economy of the second half of the 21st century will be automated, and Amy has been working to innovate Northshore's programs to give our graduates the skills they need to be successful and earn a living wage. She will continue her work by:

  • continuing her work on providing flexible technical education programs;
  • continuing her work on providing computer coding fundamentals for each student;
  • ensuring the 2017 strategic plan is implemented in every classroom in our district, to support the teaching of the skills our students need;
  • continuing her work on eliminating barriers (whether they be financial, cultural or logistical) for every student who wants to pursue a four year college education.

Addressing Growth in Northshore Through Collaborative and Adaptable Solutions

While Northshore cannot control the population growth we are experiencing, Amy has worked hard to ensure we respond to it by working with our parents, educators and community partners. There are structural ways to support each and every student who comes into Northshore, and Amy will continue this work by:

  • ensuring we build partnerships with the three city councils and two counties in Northshore to communicate continuously about the growth in our region;
  • balance the need for safe, supportive school buildings with financial transparency through improved budget processes and community communications;
  • encourage our district to be adaptive to the change around us through improved board governance and reporting structures, clearly setting direction to encourage the use of our district resources in creative and new ways that are best for our students.

Building a Responsive, Responsible District Post-"McCleary"

As the state continues to work on fully-funding education (as the bill passed this summer does not do that, please see Amy's statement below), Amy is preparing Northshore to ensure we focus on addressing gaps in our system such as:

  • reducing miscellaneous fees in our schools;
  • moving beyond 6 period days in our high schools;
  • funding healthy start times in every Northshore school;
  • improving educational equity for each student in our district, and systematically finding and removing any barriers in our district;
  • systematically improving programs in Northshore - from Special Education to our High Capability programs - and ensuring regular program evaluation of the improvements.

Amy's Statement About "McCleary" and Fully Funding Education in Northshore

"While I thank our legislators for their commitment to addressing the under-funding of public education, the bill approved in Olympia this July does not fulfill that promise. Due to restrictions in the bill and how state funding is being implemented in different districts across the Eastside and the State, Northshore is receiving less funding than our peers at the same time we are receiving greater restrictions in how we can spend our funds."

"I am committed to rectifying the inequities in the law, and am actively working with our legislators to keep focus on improving funding for every student in Northshore."

Amy needs your support to continue her work!
Please contact her if you have any questions on her goals for our students and schools.
Email her at if you'd like to work with her to support our children's future.

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