Amy Cast for Northshore

Amy's Goals for the Next Four Years

Working Together to Strengthen Northshore

Northshore is at a pivotal point, and Amy is seeking your support to continue her work supporting our students, schools, educators and community. Her specific goals for the next four years include:

The Cast Family

Preparing our students for a dynamic future

The economy of the second half of the 21st century will be increasingly automated and complex, and Amy has been working to innovate Northshore's programs to give our graduates the skills and aptitidues they need to be successful. This work takes on a new urgency as we need to help each student recover from the unique way the coronavirus pandemic impacted their education. Amy will continue this important work by:

  • Continuing her work on growing the number of career and technical education programs;
  • Continuing the expansion of choice programs;
  • Reducing barriers and fees to provide equitable access for each and every student to the world class educational programs in Northshore;
  • Continuing to be a passionate supporter of creative programs and the arts;
  • Ensuring programs and curriculum that support critical thinking, anaytical skills and STEM programs are woven throughout our system;
  • Continuing to improve the instructional core of our district, with a particular focus on updating our elementary English Language Arts curriculum, incorporating Universal Design for Learning, and focusing on improving the practice of inclusion of students receiving special education services into the general education classroom.

Creating a culture where every student feels valued, seen and welcome

We have a duty to create a climate where each student can thrive as they grow, and that prepares them to navigate a shrinking world:

  • Ensuring social emotional learning, mental health supports and wrap-around financial need programs continue to expand to support each student’s need;
  • Growing the cultural competence of our district and programs, so that our schools positively reflect the rich tapestry that is the Northshore community;
  • Expanding student leadership opportunities for all facets of student groups;
  • Continuing the work of eliminating barriers (whether they be financial, cultural or institutional) and supporting educational equity for every student as we empower them to use their voice and choose their educational path.

Being careful stewards of our resources

Since Amy has joined the school board, our student population has grown by 20% and we have faced a wide variety of challenges including the steep cost of providing education during a pandemic. Focusing on the financial foundation of the district is critical to securing the district’s future:

  • Continuing strategic advocacy with state and federal legislators with the goal of obtaining full funding of our pandemic-related costs and our special education services;
  • Leveraging our award-winning budget reporting and financial administration policies and procedures to ensure the long-term financial health of the district;
  • Completing the development of a comprehensive program evaluation system in the district to ensure the best use of our resources;
  • Balancing the need for safe, supportive school buildings with financial transparency through improved budget processes and community communications;
  • Reducing the district’s dependence on portable classrooms;
  • Ensuring our district continues to be adaptive to the change around us through improved board governance and reporting structures, and clearly setting direction to encourage the use of our district resources in creative and new ways that are best for our students.

Amy’s statement about supporting our students as we recover from the impact of the pandemic

"This past year has been incredibly hard on the most precious things in our lives – our children. Re-opening school buildings is just the first step on the path for their recovery. For the next several years, more than ever, we need to provide individualized academic and emotional support for each child. From Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, to trauma-informed instructional practices, to a full array of mental health, social-emotional, and family supports, we need to be ready to provide multi-faceted programs that support the whole child. But as we prepare to do this critical work, we acknowledge we cannot do it alone. In Northshore, our school district and community come together through long-standing partnerships among nonprofit organizations, our vibrant parent organizations, partnerships with our local city councils and state legislators, and with our educators."

Amy needs your support to continue her work!
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