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Since being elected in 2013, Amy's dedication to the students, families and staff of Northshore has yielded concrete results. She has worked to ensure we honor our obligation to our community's future by working collaboratively and professionally to move our district forward and support our students’ growth amidst all the change around us. Some of the results of her leadership are:

Strengthening instruction and improving programs:

  • Implementing a 7-period high school day to increase the class offerings available to each student without needing to worry about transportation and other constraints.
  • Improving access to valuable high leverage instruction for every student, including increased access to advanced math, increased access to highly capable classes, and increased access to inclusionary practices for students receiving special education services.
  • Increased career pathway options, resulting in increased Career and Technical Education class enrollment by 30%.
  • Increased overall graduation rate from 92% in 2015 to 95% in 2020 (one of the highest in the state). In this period, graduation rates improved for students experiencing homelessness, English language learners, students experiencing poverty, students receiving special education services and Hispanic students.
  • Increased choice program offerings, including a new Mandarin immersion program at Sunrise Elementary and a new Expeditionary learning program at Innovation Lab High School.
  • Improving our systems for educating students of all backgrounds, abilities, needs and career paths. She is passionately devoted to equity in education, and has overseen the creation and implementation of one of the most detailed and vibrant equity policies in the state.
  • Growing our mental health supports for our students, including securing access to mental health counselors in every school, and the implementation of social emotional curriculum from kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Supporting the creation and expansion of the Northshore Family Partnership home school program.

Focusing on financial stewardship:

  • Successfully redistributed special programs evenly across the district to reduce student transportation time and support increased family involvement.
  • Focused on strategically addressing enrollment growth within challenging facility constraints, including fulfilling our facility growth needs by supporting out-of-the-box solutions like turning an office building into a location for our new choice high school.
  • Balanced our operational needs with environmental stewardship, implementing a policy that reduces the district’s carbon footprint.
  • Worked to open our new North Creek High School, Innovation Lab High School and Ruby Bridges Elementary School on time and on budget.
  • Focused on the financial health of the district, and continues to work on a long term project of improving the reporting structure of the district's budget, according to best practices from the Government Finance Officers Association.

Demonstrated leadership that directly benefits our students:

  • As board president, she coordinated the nationwide superintendent search process. She met personally with several stakeholder groups as the process unfolded, and managed the relationship and requirements with the search consulting firm to ensure Northshore's needs were always front and center.
  • She directed and participated in an inclusive Strategic Plan process to move Northshore thoughtfully - and professionally - into the future.
  • She improved community engagement and responsiveness with new regular community meetings, live streaming of board meetings, numerous stakeholder meetings and improved documentation online.
  • She works directly with elected representatives in Olympia and Washington D.C. to ensure Northshore's voice is always heard during educational policy and rule development. She continues to fight passionately for increased funding for our students as they recover from the impacts of the pandemic.
  • She is committed to a respectful and productive relationship with our educators.
  • She is committed to passionately appreciating and fostering relationships with community organizations, companies and partners.
  • Recognized as a Washington state school Board of Distinction by the Washington State School Director's Association in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.
  • Recognized as the Washington state school Board of the Year for a large district by the Washington State School Director's Association in 2018.
  • She has been elected by her peers to hold a variety of local and statewide leadership positions:
    • 2013: Audit Committee
    • 2014: Vice President
    • 2015 - 2017: President
    • 2017 - 2021: Legislative Representative
    • 2017 - 2021: Washington State School Directors Association statewide Resolutions Committee
    • 2019 – 2022: Leadership Development Consultant for the Washington State School Directors Association

Re-electing Amy provides stability for our Northshore students and their families during a time of rapid change in public education.
Email her at if you'd like to work with her to support our children's future.

Re-Elect Amy Cast for Northshore School Board of Directors, District 5.

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