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Investing in the Hard Work & the "Heart" Work

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Since being elected in 2013, Amy's dedication to the students, families and staff of Northshore has yielded concrete results. She has worked to ensure we honor our obligation to our community's future by working collaboratively and professionally to move our district into a stable position amidst all the change around us. Some of the results of her leadership are:

  • She consistently focused on strategically addressing enrollment growth, including directing a comprehensive boundary adjustment process and serving as School Board liasion with the Enrollment and Demographics Task Force.
  • She is committed to improving our systems for educating students of all backgrounds, needs and interests. She is passionately devoted to equity in education, and has been a driver towards improving the district's service to each and every student.
  • She worked to open our new North Creek High School on time and on budget.
  • She has focused on the financial health of the district, as evidenced in the OSPI's District Financial Health Indicator which has risen for every year Amy has served (from 2.8 in 2013 to the latest update of 3.4 out of a possible 4). She continues to work on a long term project of improving the reporting structure of the district's budget.
  • As board president, she coordinated the nationwide superintendent search process. She met personally with several stateholder groups as the process unfolded, and managed the relationship and requirements with the search consulting firm to ensure Northshore's needs where always front and center.
  • She directed and participated in an inclusive Strategic Plan process to move Northshore thoughtfully - and professionally - into the future.
  • She improved community engagement and responsiveness with new regular community meetings, live streaming of board meetings, numerous stakeholder meetings and improved documentation online.
  • She is committed to a respectful and productive relationship with our educators.
  • She is committed to passionately appreciate and foster relationships with community organizations, companies and partners.
  • She works directly with elected representatives in Olympia and Washington D.C. to ensure Northshore's voice is always heard during educational policy and rule development. She continues to fight for increased funding for our students.
  • She systematically seeks continous improvement in our ability as a district to conduct our work through the study of a formal, research-based model of public governance.
  • She has been elected by her peers on the board to hold a leadership position for every year she has served.
    • 2013 - Audit Committee
    • 2014 - Vice President
    • 2015 & 2016 - President

Re-electing Amy provides stability for our Northshore students and their families during a time of rapid change in public education.
Email her at if you'd like to work with her to support our children's future.

Re-Elect Amy Cast for Northshore School Board of Directors, District 5.

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