Amy Cast for Northshore

Working Together For Northshore's Future

Re-Elect Amy Cast for Northshore School Board, District #5

"It's been an honor and a privilege to serve the students, families and staff of Northshore. I am respectfully asking for your support so I can continue to work with you to support the Northshore community. "

Amy is Committed To:

Equitable Educational Excellence for Every Student

To prepare our each of our students for a successful future, we need to focus on providing the best programs, curriculum and supports for each student no matter their background. Amy has led program improvements, strategic plan processes and has removed barriers for students in order to support the whole child as they fulfill their unique potential.


We live in a vibrant and quickly growing region. We need the processes, structures and partnerships to respond to enrollment, financial and demographic changes. Amy has researched and implemented improvements to our support structures, processes and partnerships to keep us nimble in a time of great change.


The education of our community's children is a responsibility that requires constant dialogue to ensure the best outcomes for our students. Educating our community’s children requires a passion for seeking input and truly listenting to our parents, educators and - most importantly - the students themselves.


Having honest and humble conversations about the use of our finances, and what results they give us, is a critical part of continuous improvement in any organization. Amy has taken concrete steps to improve how the board conducts its business and utilizes our resources entrusted to the district by our taxpayers.


The leadership of the school district has a responsibility to set an example for our children. From the smallest interaction to the greatest decisions, Amy has dedicated herself to conducting the work of the district in a way that purposefully respects and incorporates all points of view.

Amy looks forward to meeting you and discussing our district's future as the campaign progresses.
Email her at if you'd like to work with her to support our children's future.

Re-Elect Amy Cast for Northshore School Board of Directors, District 5.

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